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Biothane Color Sample Ring: 33 Colors of Waterproof Biothane with Reference Card

Biothane Color Sample Ring: 33 Colors of Waterproof Biothane with Reference Card

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Attention leash makers! Elevate your craft with our Biothane Color Sample Ring, featuring 33 captivating colors that are perfect for creating vibrant and durable pet accessories. Crafted with 2.5" strips of standard thickness Biothane, this ring is an essential tool for bringing your leash designs to life.

The Biothane Color Sample Ring is designed with leash makers in mind, offering unparalleled convenience and versatility. You can easily open the ring to rearrange, add, or remove colors according to your preferences, allowing you to create custom color combinations that cater to your clients' unique tastes.

Each color sample comes with a reference card that lists the manufacturer name for each color, as well as our unique name for each shade. This ensures accurate color matching and easy identification of your favorite hues, streamlining the leash-making process.

Here are some key features of our Biothane Color Sample Ring for leash makers:

1. Comprehensive Color Range: Explore 33 vibrant colors specifically curated for pet accessories, ranging from playful and bright to classic and elegant. Create leashes that stand out while ensuring durability and functionality.

2. Customizable and Organized: The ring design allows you to organize your color samples systematically and conveniently. Quickly access and compare colors, create cohesive color schemes, and impress your clients with personalized designs.

3. Reference Card Included: The accompanying reference card provides essential information about each color, making it easy to reorder your favorite shades or communicate color choices to clients and collaborators.

Whether you're a professional leash maker or a passionate hobbyist, our Biothane Color Sample Ring is a valuable tool that enhances your creative process. Order yours today and revolutionize your leash-making journey with a rainbow of colors at your fingertips!

As always, we welcome custom orders and requests. Please contact us with any questions.

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